Join us for a "Conversation With …" Princeton's Dean of Undergraduate Admission Janet Lavin Rapelye

September 14, 2010 at 12:19pm

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[Note: The following introduction and guidelines were posted Sept. 14, and the deadline for submitting questions was Sept. 30, 2010.]


Beginning Sept. 14, 2010, Princeton Dean of Admission Janet Lavin Rapelye will receive your questions about the admission process as part of the University's new "Conversation With …" series on Facebook. The series allows Facebook fans to engage with a member of the Princeton campus community on a topic of interest.


An introductory video with Dean Rapelye, which can be viewed at, provides advice to prospective students and their parents about the college-application process and includes a discussion of the University's undergraduate admissions, financial aid and academics. You are encouraged to post questions or comments for the dean in the "comments" area. After the introductory video, the dean will respond to questions submitted on Facebook in a follow-up video in October; the deadline for submitting questions is Sept. 30, 2010.


Questions or comments submitted via Facebook will not be considered or reviewed by admissions staff as part of any application for admission. More information and rules about participating in Princeton's "Conversation With …" series are included below. The dean looks forward to receiving your questions to continue the conversation.


Getting to know the featured host: Dean Janet Rapelye


Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye
(photo by Brian Wilson)Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye (photo by Brian Wilson)Janet Lavin Rapelye has served as Princeton's dean of admission since July 1, 2003. She says of being an admission dean, "We value intellectual curiosity, academic excellence and personal achievement. We appreciate all that students have accomplished when they are applying to Princeton."


A graduate of Williams College, Rapelye served as dean of admission at Wellesley College in Massachusetts for 12 years before becoming dean at Princeton. She previously was associate director of admission at Bowdoin College before starting at Wellesley. She holds a master's degree from Stanford University.


Dean Rapelye has an intimate knowledge and unique understanding of working with high school students, having taught high school English in rural Wells River, Vt., before beginning her admission career as assistant director of admission at Williams College.


The author of more than a dozen articles and professional presentations on admission topics, and an active participant in national and regional organizations of admission counselors, Rapelye has served as a trustee of the College Board and has chaired its New England Regional Council.


When she appointed Dean Rapelye, Princeton's President Shirley M. Tilghman said of her, "There is no one at Princeton who plays a more central role than the dean of admission in shaping the future of this University. Janet brings outstanding personal qualities as well as distinguished professional achievement to this position."


We are pleased to feature Dean Janet Rapelye for the first edition of Princeton's "Conversation With …" series.


What is the "Conversation With …" series?


The "Conversation With…" series is designed to give members of the public and the broader community an opportunity to engage with University leaders, faculty, students and alumni on a wide range of topics spanning academics, scholarship and social life.


Princeton University is a vibrant community of learning, and much of that learning comes from the knowledge and experiences that members of our community share with each other and with the world. The "Conversation With …" series takes advantage of the online medium to allow robust conversations with a diverse group of people representing an abundance of philosophical views.


As participants, you can ask questions in the comment thread located below the video, or you can simply watch. Most series will include an introductory video, and then one or two follow-up videos in which questions will be answered. Anyone on Facebook can participate, and you can follow the conversation by becoming a fan of Princeton University's Facebook page.


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Guidelines for participation


* Please keep comments focused on the specific topic of the series.


* Please be civil in your comments and respectful to both the featured host and other participants in the conversation. We may find the need to moderate if an individual attempts to monopolize the conversation.


* Offensive comments, personal attacks, profanity and vulgarity will be removed, as will commercial solicitations and invitations to political campaigns or social events. Please ignore such comments in the thread, and leave it to us to block the individuals who try to disrupt the conversation.


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The "Conversation With …" series is produced by Princeton University's Office of Communications.