HeXeN - New Song Available For Streaming, Release Dates Announced

May 7, 2012 at 1:36pm


Los Angeles Prog-Thrashers HeXeN have officially released a premiere new track entitled "Stream Of Unconsciousness", which comes off from the new album "Being And Nothingness". To listen to the new track, go to the Pulverised Records SoundCloud Page to stream the song in its entirety here: http://soundcloud.com/pulverised/hexen-stream-of


The release dates for "Being And Nothingness" have been scheduled on 28th of May 2012 for Europe and 17th of July 2012 for North American territories.



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…::: HeXeN - "Being And Nothingness" :::…




28 / 5 / 2012 (Europe)

17 / 7 / 2012 (USA)


The album will contain nine tracks of progressive thrash proficiency, closing with an epic 8-part suite:


1) Macrocosm

2) Grave New World

3) Defcon Rising

4) Private Hell

5) Walk As Many, Stand As One

6) Stream Of Unconsciousness

7) Indefinite Archetype

8) The Nescient

9) Nocturne -

i. Opus 55 № 1 in Fmin

ii. Out of Reach

iii. Existential Crisis

iv. Entrance of the Absurd

v. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

vi. With Salvation I Persist

vii. Elegy of the Night

viii. End in Purplexity



Without ever conforming to trends nor compromising on stellar musicianship and aggression, Los Angeles-based Thrashers HeXeN forges ahead with their most diverse and mature album to date with "Being And Nothingness". Sanctioned by a dark cosmic aura surrounding the entire concept of "Being And Nothingness", the album is a brilliant showcase of intellectual, forward-thinking and their trademark guitar-master wizardry fretwork!


With the album recorded, mixed and mastered at Vivid Tone Recording Studio (Lividity, Guthrie Govan, etc) by Rich Bruce and the stunning album artwork by master of cosmic and fantasy artist Kristian Wahlin / Necrolord (King Diamond, Dissection, Emperor, etc), "Being And Nothingness" is a bold yet innovative Prog-Thrash album that most new generation Thrash bands would only dare dream of.





HeXeN is:


Andre Hartoonian - Vocals / Bass

Ronny Dorian - Guitars

Tak Arayan - Guitars