August 10, 2012 at 9:19pm

On July 19, the City attorney sent an email to the Festival attorney stating that "the City will begin to remove existing logos from City property and will proceed with this as opportunities present themselves."


On Wednesday, Aug. 8, the Festival attorney responded to that email with a letter to the City reluctantly agreeing with that notice with their decision to take down the trademarks and gave a 45-day time limit. There has been no communication from the City to the Festival, nor did the Festival know it would be on the Council's agenda at the meeting last evening.


"The City Council choice disappoints and saddens the entire Red Flannel Festival Board of Directors," said Festival President Michele Andres. "This is truly not the outcome we wanted, but a resolution to this matter to protect the Festival's state and federal trademarks is long overdue."


This was not about money. Mayor Pro Tem Christine Fahl offered a $4,000 in-kind donation of services to the Festival in February 2012. In April, Mayor Charlie Watson and Mayor Pro Tem Christine Fahl again offered the Festival a $4,000 donation of in-kind services for the use of two trademarks, saying they would write an agreement to present to the Festival Board. The Festival agreed. That has never happened.


The Festival Board has consistently offered many different scenarios that would benefit both parties and has proposed reasonable, compromising solutions. The City has rejected all of them, and in our opinion, has been unreasonable since the City began profiting from the use of the trademarks in December of 2011.


"The Festival Board remains very open to collaborative solutions," said Andres.


The Red Flannel Festival is an independent, non-profit 501c3 organization, led by a 9-member all volunteer Board of Directors. There is no paid staff.