Roz Savage In Sight of World Record: First Woman to Solo Row the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans

September 29, 2011 at 4:58pm

Roz Savage Departing Australia on Indian Ocean Row
Photo Credit; BVPVISUALS.COMRoz Savage Departing Australia on Indian Ocean Row Photo Credit; BVPVISUALS.COM





October 1st, 2011


 Roz Savage will soon arrive in Grand Baie, Mauritius on 3rd of October, 2011 becoming the First Woman to Row Solo across the "Big Three" Oceans of the World - Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian.  Over the last 6 years, Roz has rowed 15,000 miles, taken around 5 million oar strokes, and spent over 500 days at sea in her 23-foot rowboat, Sedna Solo. 


Roz has the world record in sight, but is well aware that ‘it’s not over til it’s over’. Two out of the last 3 crews to attempt it have shipwrecked on the reef.  When Roz set out to row the Atlantic, they said, “She isn’t tall enough or strong enough to row an ocean.”   But at last, after rowing 15,000 miles, taking over 5 million oar strokes, and spending over 500 days at sea, Roz Savage is about to accomplish her goal and is in sight of a world record as the first woman to row the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.  What motivates Roz Savage to row the oceans?  It is her mission to show that each one of us has a role in fostering environmental sustainability and creating our collective future.  Just like her oar-strokes, many tiny actions add up to a big achievement.  


Roz Savage departed on her solo row across the Indian Ocean on May 4th, 2011  After rowing over 4,000 miles of pirate-infested ocean she only has 89 nautical miles to row!  


"On the ocean, it's clear that I have to keep showing up day after day and sticking my oars in the water if I want to get to where I'm going. It's the same with any big challenge, including the environment. We all have to start living more sustainably, and keep up those good habits day after day, if we are to correct our course for a cleaner, greener, brighter future." Roz Savage 


Roz (age 43) freely admits to being an unlikely adventurer. She is only 5'4", and was already in her late thirties by the time she started ocean rowing, having spent the first eleven years of her adult life working as a management consultant in London.  Her life changed when she wrote two versions of her own obituary - the one she wanted and the one she was heading for - and realized she wasn't on track for the kind of life that would leave a worthwhile legacy. She turned her back on her materialistic lifestyle and reinvented herself as an adventurer, using her ocean voyages to raise awareness and inspire action on environmental issues.


 “My ocean voyages have proven that anyone can achieve the extraordinary.” Roz Savage 


Tony Humphreys, landfall logistics manager, reports, “Everything is now set for Roz Savage’s arrival at the Grand Baie Yacht Club (GBYC) in Grand Baie, Mauritius.  Immigration, Health and Customs Officials will attend at the time of arrival and conduct the official formalities at GBYC.  The Grand Baie Coast Guard will monitor the arrival and ‘shadow’ from Gunners Coin to GBYC.”  Conditions are currently looking favorable for a landfall on 4th of October, 2011; seas permitting.  Check the Roz Savage Blog for daily updates and ‘Breaking News” from Roz and her land-based team. 


Roz Savage is a United Nations Climate Hero and an Athlete Ambassador for She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, an International Fellow of the Explorers' Club of New York, and has been listed amongst the Top Twenty Great British Adventurers by the Daily Telegraph. In 2010 she was named Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic.


Her inspirational book, “Rowing The Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean”, is published by Simon & Schuster. The eponymous documentary has been screened around the world in association with the Banff Mountain Film Festival.




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