Townsend Winemaker's Dinner Part Deux

October 4, 2010 at 11:33pm

Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie / Townshend Part deux

With Don Townshend & Jill Rider


10.24.2010 / 5:30pm / $120 per person

Nine courses guaranteed to push the envelope on food as you know it.

RSVP to Anthony at Santé 315.4613




Amuse Bouche

Huckleberry Brut: Huckleberry & Onion



Celeriac Purée. Apricot confiture. Brown Butter. Santé Brie.

Wine: 08 Sauvignon Blanc



Peach Butter. Coriander Pearls. Parsnips.

Wine: 09 Chardonnay.


Berkshire Belly

Smoked Belly. Plum Shroud. Cherry Tuille.

Wine: 05 Syrah


Yearling Beef

Tenderloin. Cardamom. Mascarpone Polenta.

Wine: 05 Pinot Noir



House Made Potato Dumplings. Guanciale. Gaufrette.

Wine: 05 Sangiovese



Champagne. Kalamantsi.


Waygu & Foie Gras

Brown Butter. Honey. Chanterelle. Banyels Vinegar.

Wine: 04 Cabernet Franc





Coconut Pudding. Kalamantsi Gelée. Chenin Blanc Sphere. Effervescence.

Wine: Late Harvest Chenin Blanc



Marshmallow. Hazelnuts

Wine: 2000 Port





All ingredients are organic & made in house whenever possible.

Featured Farmers:  Green Wave. Small Planet. Rocky Ridge Ranch Berkshire Pork, Eggs, Greens.

Al Kowitz. Winifred's Garden. Sunny Slope Farms. Heron Pond Goats Cheese. Mushroom Resource.

Executive Chef Jeremy L. Hansen.     Pastry Chef Lynette Pflueger.     Sous Chef Tyler Reynolds.