The story behind Showcase.PK

April 19, 2011 at 12:43pm

Recently Technopsis – A Shapes Group Company has launched a product Showcase.PK; a portal for Pakistani professionals and students to display their projects. The people behind the project are two young entrepreneurs from FAST-NU Lahore who after graduating went on to pursue rather unconventional careers. One went on to automate Local Businesses whereas the other started a Design & Niche Art Services Company. After struggling for a few years and establishing their own setups, when they finally met at the P@SHA ICT Awards 2010, they thought it’s time to get together and work on some ideas including the Showcase Project.


The idea of the product is pretty simple. They want students to follow their passion and field of choice after graduation. The student projects that are done within university should not be trashed and in fact should be put on display. Since both of them have been sitting on hiring tables for the over five years now, they feel that apart from other qualities that they look for in a candidate while interviewing, the most significant is the candidate’s  portfolio and projects done previously.  However, majority of the applicants only mention their degree and extra-curricular activities on their resume and this is where the problem lies. They believe that students should own their projects since they have given it their blood and sweat and should be proud of the work they’ve done in the past.


Let us tell you a bit about how the portal works. A student or freelancer/professional registers on the portal, and uploads the abstract and images of his previously done projects. Now if he’s an Electrical Engineering major, he might have done a project on VoIP or say Robotics. If an organization is looking for a fresh graduate or an experienced professional in the same domain, it can register and search for “VoIP”. All the individuals who have placed their ‘VoIP based’ projects would be displayed on the screen and the organization can contact their person of choice as easily as clicking a button “Arrange a Meeting.”  If the individual accepts the request for meeting, their contacts are exchanged and that RIGHT connection is built which both entities were looking for. The individual keeps on getting an update via his/her dashboard giving him / her information on the lines of how many times his profile has been viewed by the organizations and lots more. 


The student and professional portal is up whereas final modifications are being done to the organization portal. More than 350 students have so far registered on our student portal. The Showcase Team is trying to improve the portal with each passing day, and is looking forward to your feedback and support.