March 17, 2010 at 2:42am

When we sell products internationally we have to consider the price that it is being sold in that country currently. For example the palettes that will be sold in Sephora Spain/France/Italy has to have the same retail price online that they have agreed to have in their stores - we cannot undercut them online otherwise we would not be able to be stocked in their stores. We do not use a Euro/Pound conversion rate to establish prices as the products need to be priced in line with the market they are positioned in.

In addition we can only have one Euro price - anyone in the Europe (except the UK) has to purchase in Euros!! As the Euro price is set in accordance with our multiple market stores (such as Sephora) we have to charge at least this price point across the board.

If you find this too expensive then we do encourage you to continue using your current sources to buy the products if you still wish to and find it cheaper– sorry but we have made it the cheapest we possibly can in Euros!