November 18, 2012 at 12:00pm

"If you talked to anyone who had been at Looka', [Steve Cooke] was the act that everyone was speaking about. He played at the terrace stage, by The Don and everyone said he was amazing" – I Love Stockton Me website's review of Looka' Teesside festival, June 2013 (


"Steve Cooke’s funky, new wave, electronic protest music is something of a revelation.  The lyrical content of his songs is nothing short of genius at times and the composition of his music incredible.  He creates an excellent punky vibe within his music and delivers his vocals with impressive attitude" – 'What Mallaz is saying' blog:


"I enjoyed every track you made and will be playing them also on my radio shows.  'Agree To Differ', 'Cop Car Chase', 'Teardrops', all of them [are] funky for me and I will let others feel the vibe of your music" – Afrika Bambaataa via SoundCloud.


"Some of the most exhilarating indie tunes I've heard.  It takes something special to blend intelligence and critical wit with this degree of catchy songwriting mastery" – Evening Gazette, Middlesbrough.


"The title track 'Alright For Some' [is] a very Stranglers-influenced song with a really catchy hook-line that cries out to be a single. ... this is one of the best tapes I've heard in a long time" – Evening Star, Ipswich.


"Armed with a razor sharp wit, a predisposition to sleazy funky grooves and a strap-on organ, keytar wielding Steve Cooke sticks it to the man with style and aplomb.  Expect to get hyped, find your head bopping involuntarily and singing choruses you couldn't sing in front of your mum. Also, he might let you play with his organ, if you are lucky" – Materia Junkies.