Chegg Coupon Code for August and September 2012

June 24, 2012 at 4:53am

As a proactive measure this year, we will be gearing up early for the fall textbook rush. By getting a head start on the rush we will be pushing to offer the best Chegg coupon code that the 2012 august season can provide.


You can always pop over to our Chegg store page and grab the latest deals there. But here for our FB fans Chegg is offering a special "back to school" promotion


Use this special offer to automatically get 10% off...


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A Quick Guide To Online Couponing


When searching for a discount code or promo, always be sure to follow these simple steps with whatever e-store you are shopping in.


1. Open up a new tab in your web browser


2. Visit or your personal favorite search engine


3. Type in "Chegg coupon august 2012"


4. Scan the first page of results and open up 3-5 pages that look appealing


5. Simply use a process of trial and error and find the best available code


Here is a quick screen shot of the checkout screen. Do you see the coupon code box??



Sounds like a no brainer right? Well it is! This year there is expected to be an incredible rush of online textbook orders along with people using coupons more than ever.


When August rolls around we are confident that there will be a 5% off promotional deal running so you can expect an update from us. The minute Chegg rolls out a new coupon, our FB fanpage is the first stop to find an update.


So be on the look for an update in your news feed. You don't wanna miss out on opportunities for special sales like a 24 hour only flash discount. Its tough to take advantage of these when you don't know about them.


In the past we have seen up to a 10% off deal that rotated through the high season. This gives students another reason to order books early.


There are two methods you can use if you are uncertain about which classes you are taking pre-term. The first method requires some extra cash in the bank which most college students don't have, lol.



Method #1


Simply go to your campus book store and check the return policy. With most colleges, the return period is 14 days for a full refund. They provide this in case a student decides to drop a class.


Now you can take advantage of this by purchasing your books on the first day of class like everyone else. Then after the first few days when you are certain as to which classes you are sticking with, you can definitively order books online then return the others upon their arrival.


With Chegg, their shipping services are some of the best in the world. So lets say you start school on a Monday and buy all of your books. By Wednesday you make a final decision on your classes and order all of your books online. That gives you 6 business days to wait for shipping and not including the last Friday where you can still return the purchased books for a full refund.


Method #2


The second option is to get by using copies of textbooks available in your school library. Often times college libraries will provide 1-2 copies for students to use in the library only. Obviously this will limit your studies and other students could be trying to rent the book as well so be weary of this method.


The goal here is to not miss any study time/homework because your books haven't arrived yet. This defeats the purpose of saving cash by renting your books online in the first place. If you start the term of with a poor grade then the cash you saved on books isn't really justified.


The takeaway here is to be smart and diligent when picking up your books for each term. From searching for a coupon code or promo to working the system a little bit, always try to look a few steps ahead.


Thanks for stopping in and we greatly appreciate everyone's help in spreading the word about Its been moving like wildfire and we can't wait to see the growth continue in 2012 and in the years coming.


Good Luck Everyone!!