Patty Phelps’ Book Inspires University Teaching Faculty

September 25, 2012 at 11:43am



Patty Phelps’ New ebook, Journey of Joy:  Teaching Tips for Reflection, Rejuvenation, and Renewal, received over 25,000 downloads in its first week as an on-line book.  Patty H. Phelps, EdD, knows what it's like to fall into a teaching rut, experiencing one’s teaching as nothing more than a job whereas teaching once felt like a “calling”.  A few years ago, she says, her teaching life had reached what felt like a dead end. She was "going through the motions" and had definitely lost her joy of teaching.


Today Phelps, a professor in UCA’s College of Education, has her joy back. In Journey of Joy: Teaching Tips for Reflection, Rejuvenation and Renewal she shares her experiences and offers advice to guide others to more joyful teaching. From building connections with students to celebrating even minor victories, this new ebook is loaded with practical tips for getting and staying engaged, enthused and excited about teaching.


For the past three years Phelps has led a standing-room-only plenary session on joy in teaching at the annual Teaching Professor Conference.