Make videos for Urbanspoon!

August 9, 2012 at 2:16pm

Dear Urbanspoon Videographers,


Thank you for agreeing to work with us to produce & star in your own segment on the Urbanspoon Street Credibles Show. We are so excited for you to share your food & city expertise with the audience of the Hungry Channel on YouTube!


Each episode will have a different theme or topic. For example, “The Best Burgers in the Nation” or “The Best Late Night Eats,” (don’t worry we’ll provide you with some topics to get you started!) and then we want you to film segments for us that showcase the most over-the-top restaurants, food trucks, and pop eateries in your city!  Each episode will be broken down into 2-3 video segments (each segment will be 2-3 minutes).


Videographers will pitch, develop, and film their own segment.  You can pitch to film just one or a few segments depending on your interest. All Videographers will be required to appear on camera while giving their opinions.


Remember, this is all about you! Feel free to show and share your creativity, your unique voice, and by all means – your passion for great food.  We want you to think out of the box to highlight foodie opportunities, people, and dishes that make your city special!


We’ve included a detailed breakdown of the process and we suggest you watch the Hungry Channel videos for inspiration (The Official Hungry Channel on YouTube).  Thank you for joining Urbanspoon Street Credibles Show as one of our expert Videographers – we can’t wait to see what you are cooking up.


Happy filming, 

Laura & Conrad

Urbanspoon Social Marketing Team


Videographer Role:


The Pitch:

  • The Videographer is expected to pitch their idea in a brief 2-3 sentence paragraph.  Explaining their POV and outlining why this food and why this place and what we can expect to see and who we will be interviewing. Keeping in mind the piece is not to exceed 2-3 minutes.
  • All pitches should be sent to: Ronnie Weinstock (Exec Prod) at and
  • Videographers will be compensated $500.00 upon acceptance and approval of the video and audio from the team at Electus Productions. 



Upon email pitch approval from Electus the Videographer shall complete the following elements:

  • The Videographer will be responsible for setting up the shoot.  Getting all required releases and clearances (see listed).
  • The Videographer is responsible for making certain the footage is focused and the audio is clean.
  • The Videographer is responsible for making certain the digital info (shot audio and video) are organized and labeled and must supply a paper cut defining what they think are the most important and exciting shots and information in the piece.
  • The Videographer is on camera looking directly into the camera as they speak.
  • The Videographer can contact Ronnie Weinstock (Exec Prod) at with any and all questions at any point during the process.


Technical Specifications:


Types of camera:

  • HD digital camcorder
  • 1080i or 1080p

(Heads up, we cannot allow flip cameras or iPhone cams at this time, so so sorry)


Resolution & Delivering Footage:

  • Electus Digital requires a 1920 x 1080 video resolution format for content acquisition.   
  • All footage must maintain an aspect ratio of 16x9 (1.78:1)
  • All footage must be sent on a hard drive, preferably with a firewire 800 connection or on a Flash Drive.


We can take flash drives as long as an exact unaltered Copy of the Media Card or Cards and file structures used to capture the footage fits on one Flash Drive (We suggest you use the biggest flash drive you can find.).


All Hard Drives will be returned to Sender.  An exact unaltered Copy of the Media Card and file structure used to capture the footage will be required.


i.e.- When you pull the media card out the camera copy the whole card just as it appears when you plug it into your computer.  Exact file structure of the media is required to ingest your media in to our system with out an exact file structure media will not be considered usable.


Paper Cut:


A paper cut is an outline of what information should go where.  It is like an outline for a term paper including audio bites as well as video images.  Below is a sample template only, please feel free to mix up the format and bring your own unique point of view and personality to each video segment. 



All material digital and releases sent to:




8800 West Sunset Blvd,

5th Floor

West Hollywood, CA 90069



$500. Per accepted video piece.


Information to be included in Video Submissions:

  • Please always check focus.  Must be in focus to be usable.  I know this sounds rudimentary but in the heat of the moment it can happen…the same for audio, if we don’t have sound, we (and by we I mean you) are in serious trouble.
  • Please think short, snappy and to the point.  2-3 minutes max. Enthusiastic and high energy!
  • Please use descriptive phrases that will help viewer “taste” the food. i.e. “that sauce is so spicy I can taste the red pepper flakes but the hint of fresh mint makes it cool enough to eat.” Of course in your own words…


Video Shots:

All pieces must have:

  • Signed location releases, we will provide template
  • Signed talent releases, we will provide template
  • Shot of sign saying location shooting here, shot on location, we will provide wording or template.  This lets anyone know they may be in a shot and by remaining on site they are giving tacit permission to use their likeness.  If you end up interviewing them on camera you will need an additional release.
  • Establish shot of location, a nice framing, can be a pan landing on the Restaurant/Stand sign. 
  • ALL Establishment shots must have some movement to them, a pan across to the sign. A tilt, either down or up or a static shot with a push in or pullout will be helpful
  • Please use this same idea for other shots you are framing, such as the food you are featuring, any menu shots including blackboard menus, etc.
  • It is always helpful to have shots where the camera is moving as it gives the piece energy and we want these pieces to be high energy and reflect your personality
  • It will be helpful to have beauty shots of the restaurant and customers.
  • Think of these as POV shots, the camera is showing us what you are seeing
  • You will need to post a sign that you are shooting there and then must shoot the sign on location.  We will provide template.


Helpful Hints: Things to do (& not do) on your shoot:


Background & Location:

  • We may not use any artwork on walls unless we have a signed materials release for which we will provide the template.  Artist not the person who owns the art must sign the art work release.
  • Please do not have any music playing in background.  We would have to pay a use fee, which is exorbitant.  If you are just shooting b-roll/beauty shots without any audio you can have music in background and we will wipe out on our end.

Interviews & Audio

  • We want to see the Videographers personalities and viewpoints reflected on camera in a high energy way. The Videographer should state name and spell it on camera.
  • Have main interview state name and spell it on camera before interview starts.
  • Please figure out a way to mention the topic in a sentence i.e. “My Favorite Restaurant has the crunchiest FF I have ever eaten. Here’s how they do it.”
  • Videographer makes statement: i.e. “this is the crunchiest ff I have ever eaten!” (Do we want to qualify in the city/state/universe?).  Explains how many eaten and under what circumstances, how many tested, some qualifying info on how Videographer came to this decision.