Memorial Child Development Center Closure

January 24, 2013 at 8:40am

Dear Patron,


Fort Drum Child, Youth and School Services is facing a severe shortage of Child Care providers within its overall program based on an Army-wide hiring freeze in this specific program.  To offset facility staff losses over the past month, additional staff work hours have been offered to part time and flexible employees to fill gaps in order to meet mandated care provider to child ratios.  Additionally, management has assumed direct care duties in classrooms when necessary.  Unfortunately, this employment freeze has dragged on, creating an emergency state for staffing.


Child and youth programs are directed by regulation to support Readiness and are prioritized in the following order: Priority 1 – Full Day Care, Priority 2 – Hourly Care, and Priority 3 – Part Time Care. Regrettably, Memorial CDC programs/services will be terminated at end of day 8 February 2013.  Staff and management will be reassigned to fill other, critical staff vacancies in higher priority programs at other centers.


I regret that this notice comes to you as a complete surprise and with limited time for you to facilitate your planning for alternate child care options.  Unfortunately, there are no other center based program options at this moment other than potential FCC homes that can absorb the spaces being temporarily lost.  CYSS staff will assist you in providing potential options as we clearly understand this situation may cause a Family challenge.  Part time will not be billed for services after January 31, 2013.


We value your Families' participation in our programs and hope that you understand our dilemma.  We hope this emergency situation will only last thru mid-April when we plan to return to full service with the same staff.  We will provide updated information on our webpage