Destination Criteria for Consideration in #CTFanFavorite Campaign

July 17, 2012 at 8:54am

Thank you for nominating your favorite destination in our #CTFanFavorite campaign. Please see destination criteria below. 

Criteria for Consideration

  • Located in Connecticut
  • Enhances and supports the image of Connecticut as “still revolutionary” – a destination that continues to inspire visitors each and every day.
  • Serves as a true tourism attraction/destination for the state, either built or natural
    • Natural Tourism Attraction: Natural attractions comprised of geographic or other natural features of tourist interest and be managed by a recognized agency or body, including:
      • Parks and Reserves; Waterfalls, lakes, dams and other water catchment areas; Beaches; Caves, rock formations; Scenic lookouts, viewing areas, vistas and areas of impressive natural beauty
    • Built Tourism Attraction: Tourism must clearly be an important part of the business; have all relevant State and Local Government licenses and approvals to operate as a commercial tourist attraction including health, planning, parking and disabled access facilities
  • Any destinations/attractions included in the first round of still revolutionary creative this spring (including Mystic Seaport, Mystic Aquarium, Gillette Castle, Goodspeed Opera House, Essex Steam Train, Hammonasset State Beach, Brownstone Quarry Adventure Park, Mohegan Sun, Connecticut Science Center, Foxwoods, Rocky Neck State Park, The Bushnell, The Hartford Capitol Building), will not be eligible for submission/receive the consumer vote.
  • Primary purpose of the attraction is to educate and/or entertain
  • Is a venue for regularly scheduled exhibitions and performances, rather than, a specific artist or performing group
  • Visiting hours easily accessible to the public
  • Appropriate for mass audiences
  • Available to many audience sizes - both groups and individuals
  • Museums and historic sites must be open to the public at least 15 hours per week throughout the major tourism season (spring to fall)
  • Theaters must offer an on-going schedule of performances
  • Conforms to all state and local codes, and regulations
  • Events submitted must be open to the public and be available for 100 or more visitors or spectators
  • Please note that for this particular program, restaurants, individuals, retail stores, cities or municipalities will not be eligible for consideration