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You can win 2 tickets for the Apocalyptica Ljubljana show on February 22nd. Join in here!

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(4.) Your concert review will end up on the official Apocalyptica Facebook Page. This means your are encouraged to send us your concert review. Please!

(5.) Good Luck!
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— with MV Unterwasserladen, Christian Huamaní, Melanie Rudloff and 31 othersMV Unterwasserladen, Christian Huamaní, Melanie Rudloff, Leena Tuulikki Jeroncic, Boo Dreamstars, Tomas Wagner, Federica Bosco, Karan Singh Kuwarbi, Daniele Crudeli, María Martín, Annina Järvenpää, Juha Heikkinen, Shatzy Shell, Arturo López Solís, Titia Jabuka, Mirjam Nedeljko, Omar Kharrab, Wolfgang Vogel, Jens Haberstock, Emilio Chena, Blaz Erzetic, Oussama Ronon, Steve Smathers, Aleksandra Piernicka, Danny Jans, Amanda Ekimmu, Ivan Tuskanec, Marko Čuček, Ane Mateos, Angelala Johnson, Anny Ka, Erik Retana, David Albelda and Manuel A. J. Gaerlan.