Photos/Videos of Friends of The Georgetown Senior Center

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Well, did we ever have a great day today! Beautiful weather, a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant on MacArthur and then off to VOICE OF AMERICA for a tour of their studios.

Norma Palma had been bugging me to go to VOA where she used to work for many years. I kind of blew her off for a few weeks and then, with this week open I went for it and called them Monday to schedule the Wednesday tour.

Wh...en I called I was a little worried that the government agency might be a bureaucratic pain in to deal with but I was absolutely wrong about that and received The Royal Treatment from one Ana Hontz Ward who was just so wonderful to work with in setting up the special tour (which she gave) especially considering our special needs.

What's more is that when I sent Ana the list of folks who would be coming (along with their respective citizenships), I noted that TWO of our seniors were former employees. Besides Norma, Marion Kelly would be joining the group for the first time in a while. You see, she really wanted to see how the place was doing since her retirement in, uh, 1976!!!

Oh, and did I mention that Marion was an ORIGINAL employee of VOA when they started during WWII??? Well, Ana did her homework and knew this when we arrived, giving Marion essentially a hero's welcome. She had lots of questions for Marion even asking her which exit President JFK used after his famous appearance their in 1962 (it was the "C" St. side).

Following our wonderful tour, the group was treated to a short talk by a seasoned VOA supervising editor (and other things!), Michael Collins, who also fielded questions from the seniors and yours truly (such as, "Can the agency TRULY be non-political depending on who's in charge???" Ans: Apparently YES!).

I'm gonna put up some pics from the tour and our tour guides in a moment so check them out...thanks to Ana for letting me use HER camera (lame me still hasn't gotten one yet!).

(BTW, lunch at Listani's was nice though I had to calculate EACH PERSON'S bill as they did not do separate checks...took me 30 minutes as I did it with pen and paper while eating!)

Anyway, it was another great day for The Georgetown Senior Center and Dave Parker drove home with us as I am re-training him to drive the seniors when I am unavailable as will be the case next week! Thanks Dave!
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