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Pretzel Stuffing

INGREDIENTS: 1 6oz. pkg. long grain / wild rice prepared according to pkg. directions
8oz. sliced fresh mushrooms, sautéed
1 medium onion, chopped, sautéed ...
1 12oz. pkg. link sausage browned and cut into 1/4 pieces
2 c. Snyder's of Hanover Hard Sourdough Pretzels, broken into 1/2 pieces, crumbs removed
4 c. stuffing croutons, such as Arnolds. Can be seasoned or unseasoned.
1 c. chicken broth, added to out-of-bird stuffing only
salt, pepper, sage to taste

INSTRUCTIONS: Combine all of the ingredients in a very large bowl and fill chicken or turkey cavity.

Put remaining stuffing in a casserole, add chicken broth and baste with pan drippings or chicken broth. Cover with foil and place in oven for 1 hour. Remove cover for 10-15 minutes for crispy texture.
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