Matthew Harris
Scott Harris
Simon Ackerman
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A Day In The Life!

The Donors deep in thought & musical expression in their Surgery Studio where no sunlight penetrates, only sound waves reverberate! Out on a limb, bending the rules with what's possible within the harder and trance genres, generating their own unique musical take on where they see themselves and the future!

Their studio is a modern amalgamation of where classic vintage analo...gue meets the future edge of the digital realm, from analogue Moog, Roland, Access & Nord synths to the digital wonders of Logic Audio, Ableton Live, Celemony Melodyne.
Studio running on both Power Macintosh & Macbook Pro's, boasting a versatile plethora of digital sculpting tools enabling the Donors to create their modern musical marvels.
Locked away for days on end, sculpting from silence, this is where the magic happens!

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— with Scott Harris, Simon Ackerman and Matthew Harris.