April Andersen
Nick Trillyard
Libby Johnston
Jordan Foord
Dane Byrne
Damien Sharpe
Regan Deale
Ben Cuthbertson
Wylda Barr
Patricia Roberts
Shayne Bony
ReveRand Miller
Jack Poplawski
Gus Armstrong
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This is the B Double Double Burger 1 of 3 - 13+ kilo Burgers that was served to the Cannonball Rally Group last night,it has a 5kg Beef Patty in it
— with April Andersen, Libby Johnston, Gus Armstrong, ReveRand Miller, Patricia Roberts, Ben Cuthbertson, Wylda Barr, Regan Deale, Jordan Foord, Damien Sharpe, Dane Byrne, Jack Poplawski, Nick Trillyard and Shayne Bony.