Tina Mckelvy-Divens
Mary Edwards
Katerina Chalkia
Mary Brimer
Tracy Vesey
Robert Avelino Lee
Sherren Retro Pixie
Gigi Vee
Danielle Dishmon
Mindi IceQueen Hill
Sandra Dee Gawel
Sherry Lester
Diane Chrissy Montoya
Hannah Finley
Ivonne Ingri Chandia Fritz
Marie-Helene Amaro
Triona Pearson
Lidia Nawrot
Melissa Martin
Barbara Lovello
Leslee Meza
Amie Michelle Meza
Heather Hayes
Cheryl Tessier
Karma Djang Tchoub
Holly Hoyaux
Ahmed Munawwar
Jackielynn Noel
Tina Shannon Mahoney
Kathy Harris
Randy Wagner
Ivana Ivanova
Penelope Garcia
Deb Dixon
Charmaine Gloria Bentley Hickman
Christine Mcdowell
Angela Nanie
Christina Bennett
Krazie Nish
Chrissy Dickinson
Jolene Futter Mac Lean
Overlord William Kuhn
Natasha Wismer De Rose
Lucia Clooney Molloy
Ann Lamrock
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Today is only the beginning of the amazing life you have ahead of you. Live every day to it's fullest and never let go of your dreams... The world is now yours!

Art by Anna Ignatieva.

— with Randy Wagner, Christine Mcdowell, Danielle Dishmon and 42 othersRandy Wagner, Christine Mcdowell, Danielle Dishmon, Leslee Meza, Sandra Dee Gawel, Heather Hayes, Katerina Chalkia, Tina Mckelvy-Divens, Amie Michelle Meza, Sherry Lester, Barbara Lovello, Penelope Garcia, Ivonne Ingri Chandia Fritz, Ann Lamrock, Christina Bennett, Diane Chrissy Montoya, Jolene Futter Mac Lean, Sherren Retro Pixie, Mindi IceQueen Hill, Natasha Wismer De Rose, Chrissy Dickinson, Tracy Vesey, Mary Brimer, Mary Edwards, Marie-Helene Amaro, Deb Dixon, Gigi Vee, Lidia Nawrot, Overlord William Kuhn, Ahmed Munawwar, Melissa Martin, Angela Nanie, Kathy Harris, Tina Shannon Mahoney, Jackielynn Noel, Cheryl Tessier, Robert Avelino Lee, Charmaine Gloria Bentley Hickman, Krazie Nish, Lucia Clooney Molloy, Karma Djang Tchoub, Triona Pearson, Ivana Ivanova, Hannah Finley and Holly Hoyaux.