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Le Sky :D
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So ready to play such a gorgeous venue tomorrow @ The Gorge, Paradiso Fest, Washington. If only there were more stages like this in the world!!!
— with Kevin Carlita Zhang, Domo Zobo, Oveja Negra and 40 othersKevin Carlita Zhang, Domo Zobo, Oveja Negra, Travis Mortensen, Daniel Paradiso, Freddy Kelleher, Weston Buford, Sean Tracy, Paolo Noise, Diego Caballero, Alex Belous, Le Sky :D, David Z. Campos, Elliot Joseph Race-Maravilla, Ale MacAskill, Rachel Bonnin, Dominic Vidal Valdez, Lindsay Capozza, Emma Paradiso, Mike Veal, Sassy Stephens, Alexa Taylor, Toñin Rosado Hernan, James Meadowcroft, Tom Piner, Ty Robinson, Enrique Diaz Eduardo, FeDe Cortez, Sara Caouette, Morgan Koehne, Ashley Taylor, Pat Linder, Zachary Berroya, Kevin Bell, Tyler Freleaux, Jake Offner, Terrence W. Blanton, Barrameda Daniel, Stephen Meyer, Krissy Linder, Waseel Adnan Amoura, Victor Kim and Cody Petritz.