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Landscape Fan Photography Challenge Winners
We're happy to announce that we have two winners for this weeks Photo Challenge and moving forward we're going to have (2) two winners for each theme including a "Fan Favorite" and a new award the "Staff Favorite".

First an important note…
This is our first photo challenge and we want it to be a great experience for everyone. We heard feedback on the ...voting concerns and after seeing how our first round went we wanted to make the fan photography challenge as inclusive & balanced as possible. In short we're modifying the rules to include a weekly "Staff Favorite". Now you have (2) chances to win $100 gift certificate for each weekly theme. As before the "Fan Favorite" will be chosen based on the highest vote count received. The "Staff Favorite" will be chosen by BorrowLenses.com's social media marketing team. The "Staff Favorite" for each theme will also be eligible for the "Grand Prize".

Winners of the Landscape Fan Photography Challenge are…

Staff Favorite:
Daniel Jung - Vertical rainbow created by 2000 ft Kukenan Falls, Venezuela

Fan Favorite:
Richard Fadera - unset at Coulon Memorial Beach Park, WA

Photos from this round eligible for the "Grand Prize" and final "Fan Favorite" awards:
Joe Mills
Max Cheung
Brianne Armstrong
Jenny Brown
Brendan Peterson
Jeremy Gardner
Steve Young
Ryan Lejana
Sandhya Ayyar

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More details about the photo challenge and rules can be found on our blog:
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