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FACEBOOK FRIDAY! Please add your fan page URL or @ tag on this post or on my wall. It's a great way to discover new fan pages, make new friends, and get new fans. ♫ Let the networking party keep on going... into the weekend! ♫
— with Emanuel Dragomir, Parichehr Dara Bi, Armin Ramezany and 16 othersEmanuel Dragomir, Parichehr Dara Bi, Armin Ramezany, Elnaz Abdi, Abhas Agnihotri, Sarah Ferreira, Salim Sayyid, Arash Barshahi, Jalil Rezaei, Eydie Stumpf, Michael Shook, Bahram Karkoudi, Hamid Gh, Mellie Lisa, Karen Cunningham, Parisa Darabi, Abbas Chhatrisa, Johnathan Swart and Hemant Patil.