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WTF - We'd like to share the following concept motherboard: The ECS X79R-AX Stealth. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but functional, as well. The motherboard housing or shroud protects against damage to the delicate components and parts while acting as an umbrella to cooling systems (heatsinks and heatpipes). Worried about overheating? The exhaust vents allow air to escape and store unit fans, if necessary.

What do you think? Would you buy one? Maybe one will be sneaking up at an e-tailer near you.

Voice your opinion and share the link.

Happy What The?! Friday.
— with Allyson Wang, Gabe Torres, Jorge O Núñez Arreguín and 29 othersAllyson Wang, Gabe Torres, Jorge O Núñez Arreguín, Mike Powers, Jacson Boeing, Rubén Alvarado, Victor Padró, Ramsom Koay, Janet Liao, Juan Francisco Diez, Eric Felizola, Ivette Huang, Luis Felipe Castillo Ramírez, Sinhue Cabrera Nuñez, Vin Wu, Jorge H. Zermeño Gtz, Maria Laura P, Josie Chung, Dave Rattray, Ian J. Cutress, Dante Alejandro Wong Romo, Nathan Kirsch, Jorge Corona, Kevin Wu, Scott Pato Liao, Pagan Tsai, Joanne Lo, Marcelo Derosas, Frank Dimmick, Moisés García, Otis Huang and Brian Ambrozy.