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When Gallaudet University suspended Dr. Angela McCaskill for signing a petition giving Maryland voters the right to vote on marriage, they likely didn't foresee the immediate and resounding response from tens of thousands of Americans. Over 52,000 have called for Dr. McCaskill's immediate reinstatement. Now Gallaudet's President is saying he will entertain Dr. McCaskill's ..."return to the community" but "this will require that she and the University community work together to respond to the concerns that have been raised." What concerns are those? The President outlined them: "Does [signing a ballot petition on marriage] interfere with her ability to perform her job?"

It's apparent that the University president is offering a potential reinstatement to Dr. McCaskill with strings attached. By making these unspecified demands, he is continuing his pattern of voter intimidation and religious intolerance in his effort to pass Question 6 (which would redefine marriage in the state.)

Please join tens of thousands of our friends and send a respectful note to Gallaudet University's president asking for the reinstatement of Dr. McCaskill with NO strings attached: http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=PT12J02&f=AL12J07.

Thanks for standing with us for religious liberty and free speech!
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