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Street food is supposed to be convenient & compact. Take the hot dog, small, quick & easy. Even halal food, another NYC staple, smells enticing and tastes even better in the middle of the night.

On the streets of Nanning, a city in Southern China, things are a bit different. The street market is home to anything ranging from crabs & fish balls to rice crepes to, our guest of honor here, the goat ...head.

Does it even look appetizing? Honestly looks like it rather be in a museum. The tongue out doesn’t add any sex appeal. Almost like the goat is trying to leave you with a bad memory. How do you even go about eating something like that?

On the same note, it would be an awesome fucking token to bring home, almost like when you go fishing and you surprise your family with what you caught. Just come into the kitchen like “Guess what, we gonna have goat head for dinner!”

But then the next logical question would be: “What happened to the rest of it?”

Would you try it?

-The MuffinMilk Crew
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