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CRADLE OF LIFE - Tomorrow 10:30pm
Hosted by Pierre Png and based on true stories, this docu-drama series is about life and living in Singapore. Using personalized case studies, each episode aims to strengthen the vibrancy of the Singapore spirit and identity, through dramatic re-enactments.

In tomorrow's episode, titled "A Home For All".......
Charlie Jasni studied until he was secondary two and dropped out. For about 10 years he did odd jobs, saving a little CPF on the side, but never enough to buy a house.
When he met the girl of his dreams, it suddenly dawned on him that he would need a place of his own. He was then only a cleaner, earning about $850.
But Charlie moved into his new house in Punggol on 1 Dec 2012. How did he manage this seemingly impossible feat?
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