Dan Bigos
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Pro Roller Demo at Imaging USA - There was favorable reaction when Dan Bigos demonstrated the connection piece that enables the top of the handle of Lowepro’s Pro Roller x200 case to connect to a flash, for off-camera flash support, or be used as a temporary stabilizer with a long lens when the shot doesn’t allow time to access a tripod or monopod. Lowepro’s rolling cases have been a popular attr...action at the Daymen booth during the three-day Imaging USA trade show in Atlanta, which concludes today. If you are in Salt Lake City this week you can see Daymen-distributed products at Winter OR, or if you attend the Carolina Nature Photographers Assocation’s annual meeting and trade show in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Feb. 7-10. Photo by John HK Riley. See More
— with Dan Bigos.