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We are proud as punch to announce that today, after 6 long months recording, accessing every bank loan under the sun, working countless hours of overtime, syphoning money from every close friend and family member in any way fashion or form, couchsurfing, coming straight from tour shows interstate to the studio and investing all of our hearts, souls, time and money... we are the creators and owners... of an absolutely ball tearing, mind blowing, face melting, amazing rock album.

As good as the feeling is that we have now completed this milestone in all our lives, we still have one more final hurdle to cross... the pressing of the album. As all muso's know, nothing ever goes to plan and we unfortunately find ourselves in the situation of having to rely on album pre-sales to get us across the line with all our bills!

For only $15, by pre-buying the album you not only get it in your hands next Wednesday (two days before the launch) and $5 off your next merch purchase (saving beer money guys!), but you will also forever remain one of those AMAZING people who have helped us complete this epic journey.

Not one to usually ask too much, but we really need you guys right now and even if you can't afford the $15 (we know we can't right now!), it'd mean a lot if you could share this post around so we can get these albums out to you all to enjoy. I promise you right now if you heard it you wouldn't wanna wait much longer!

Below is the link to pre-buy! Thanks so much in advance you guys, means heaps!

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