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Are you in the UAE and want to be the lucky winner to participate in a life-changing workshop with John Gray this February 26th in Dubai?

How to Participate
Step 1: Add a link to your Public Profile on this post. Don't have a Public Profile? Get one in under 3 minutes:
Step 2: Prove how your communication skills are great by getting as many followers on your Public Profile by the 18th.

The Public Profile added on this page with the most followers on will win the tickets (provided that user is in the UAE).

Hurry, our contest ends on Thursday, February 18th.
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— with Maysoon Odeh, Lama Al Kayed, Reemoo Mohammed and 20 othersMaysoon Odeh, Lama Al Kayed, Reemoo Mohammed, Fatma Gannam, Farah Al Suwaidi, Kholoud Habibeh, Sameeha Tamimi, Deema Al Assadi, Ala Hammad J, Ilham Al Dakkak, Aseel Omar, Hanaa Jarad, Randood Attieh, Mustapha BenDaoud BenAhmed Barki, Rama Al Assadi, Daoudieh Raghad, Lama Abu Jubara, Randa Ribhi El-Hasan, Leena Khader, Charlie Schwarzkopf Binias, Omar Hasnawi, Reem Barqawi and Alaa Mahmoud.