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Tonight's Talker: 7 years ago, Adam Greenberg made it to Major League Baseball as a member of the Cubs, but had the shortest of careers. He was hit in the head by the very first pitch he saw and suffered a devastating injury. He battled to recover and played in the minor leagues, but never made it back to the majors -- until a documentary filmmaker got involved. He publicized Greenberg's story and... started a campaign to get Greenberg "One at-bat" (Greenberg's one plate appearance, because he was hit, is not an official at-bat). The Florida Marlins have now signed Greenberg to a one-day contract and will give him one at-bat next Tuesday.

Some critics say Greenberg has not earned a spot in the pros. Others question why the Cubs didn't make the offer. What do you think of the one at-bat chance Greenberg is getting?
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