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Business API Management

This trend is about harnessing Web APIs to grow your business. As the web expands beyond just the browser to mobile phones and connected devices (like your next car, for example!) there is a need for solutions that can help your businesses cope with this exponentially increasing demand for services and data on the web. A good web API allows your business to reach expande...d markets through external developers and partners who can take your product and services to markets you cannot reach directly.

All of this means that your web API’s must be appropriately secured and scaled to manage unprecedented spikes, while being simple for your external developer community to consume and integrate. Your own developers need to be able to create and modify these API's quickly to respond to new demands. Your businesses need to get insight into what your customers and partners are doing with the API's (and therefore your products and services) by analyzing the massive amounts of generated data through the API and mining it for new business opportunities.

In order to do all this, you don't want to spend months on end to string a bunch of products and technologies together yourself. Instead, you want a simple, integrated solution that you can consume in any form factor that you like (e.g., public cloud, virtual or physical appliances).

As you can imagine, when you look at our SOA solutions including WSRR, DataPower, and Cast Iron, we have many of these capabilities today. Coupled with our caching and scaling expertise through technologies like WebSphere eXtreme Scale and our 20/20 analytics vision, you have all the elements needed for enterprise-class, internet-scale applications. The trick is to simplify them into a cohesive solution that specifically targets Business API management. We have begun this work and look to evolve it with our customers in 2012.
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