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Whose House? Anita's House! Thanks to everyone who showed up to stand in solidarity with Anita. Anita could get an eviction notice as early as Monday, so we need help right away! What can you do?

Call Cindy Koonce at 320-532-4142 today!

And please, share Anita's story....

Anita Reyes-Reley has lived in her home in South Minneapolis for 16 years. TOMORROW, on June 18th, she will be issued a notice to vacate her home. We do not have much time! We need to work fast to pressure Woodland National Bank to modify her loan.

Despite struggling to keep her home for 16 years, Anita was able to maintain ownership. She would drive over a thousand miles to work a week so that she could pay her bills and afford her mortgage. Unfortunately, Anita fell behind on her mortgage payments when her employment hours were cut and experienced several months of being disabled with vertigo.

After her sheriff sale this past October, Anita was told two during two separate phone calls by Woodland Bank Vice President Cindy Koonce, that "Obama might come out with a program that might be able to assist you.” Ms. Koonce also told Anita she would do everything she could to help her. Even though Anita had accumulated some 50K in equity in the property, she decided not to sell it. She wants to stay in her home of 16 years and believed that Cindy Koonce was going to help her.

On the end date of her redemption period, however, Cindy Koonce called Anita and told her she needed to leave her home. Even after Anita contacted the Attorney General, Ms. Koonce refused to offer a good faith negotiation that would keep Anita in her home. “Woodland Bank says that they’re a community Bank, a Bank that’s here to help Indian people. Then why are they trying to throw me out into the street? All I want to do is pay my mortgage.”

As the Vice President of Woodland Bank, Cindy Koonce has the authority to reinstate Anita’s loan. Anita believes Ms. Koonce “has misled me into believing there was a possibility of me maintaining ownership. All I want to do is to pay my mortgage and stay in my home.”
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— at Occupy Homes MN.