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Transformers Prime Tuesday Q&A: Post-Production Supervisor Austin Block

Each week, we’re taking questions for the cast and crew of the hit animated series “Transformers Prime” from fans of the official Transformers Facebook page. Check out this week’s Fan Q&A with Transformers Prime Post-Production Supervisor Austin Block, then come back later today for your next opportunity to ask someone from T...ransformers Prime a question!

Amber Whetstine asked: Have you always been a Transformers fan? Who's you favorite Transformer and episode in the show so far?

AUSTIN BLOCK: I definitely watched the original series in the '80s, but working on Prime has given me a newfound appreciation for the brand and its mythology. I'd say my favorite transformer is a toss-up between Starscream and Knock Out. My favorite episodes that have aired would be 7 and 26-- but my favorite episode is actually one that hasn't aired yet! ; )

Abby Dillon asks: Thanks for all your work on Prime! As supervisor, what does your work day for the show usually look like? Is there a particular moment during the post-production of an episode that you enjoy the most?

AUSTIN BLOCK: My work days are always different but include some combo of making sure the edit/review sessions start on time, making sure our outside 'crew' (sound design, composer, color correction editor) has what they need, verifying we have all of the approved footage for a given show, resolving scheduling conflicts, coordinating with our QC facility to make sure our shows pass, and making sure we have the paperwork and media deliverables we'll need for network delivery. My favorite moment is attending the final audio mixes. It is very cool to see all the different elements finally come together.

Clark Gray asks: I am wondering if you are a fan of Transformers new and old and is it hard to separate the fan from the job when coming into contact with new content and actors?

AUSTIN BLOCK: As a child of the '80s, I definitely watched Transformers and I really liked playing with cars so Transformers and Micro Machines were among my favorite toys. As an adult and working on the show, I've become a fan again. I'm most intrigued by the backstory moments. I always look forward to getting more information from the new episodes.

Jocelyn Simmons asks: How do you manage, trying to juggle the calendar for such a huge series? Especially with all of the details that go into it! Is it hard, trying to coordinate so many things? Do you have help?

AUSTIN BLOCK: I think I've gotten pretty good at juggling. When you have to move one session, it often impacts the next stage. So other things might have to be slid around to make it all work. There are sessions that aren't as easy to move around, like an edit session with a busy Executive Producer, or a Color Correction session that we need to book well in advance. Most other sessions I am able to move around without too much trouble. I do have help: Bess Thompson assists me in Post and is in charge of calling and tracking animation retakes on every episode.

Danial Chong Quek Choon asks: Hi there, I wanna ask as a post-production supervisor for the best animation series, can you describe how do you make sure is everything of the preparation for each episode is going accordingly?

AUSTIN BLOCK: On my calendar, I plug in everything- supervised sessions; unsupervised sessions, footage deliveries, crew schedules, distribution dates, and delivery deadlines. My Blackberry is my best friend and I sort my inbox so I have important emails or emails that I need to follow up on at the ready. For those items that come up that do not involve scheduling I have a planner. That way if I have something due on a certain date I can just flip to that page and write myself a note.

--Austin Block is the Post-Production Supervisor on "Transformers Prime." She is in charge of scheduling and overseeing the post-production calendar for each episode, including all in-house sessions (such as edit sessions and picture reviews) and out-of-house sessions (such as color correction and audio mixing).

In addition to working on "Transformers Prime," Block worked on "G.I. Joe Renegades," and is now currently working on another Hub series, "Rescue Bots." Before coming to Hasbro, Block worked at Nickelodeon for seven years, where she worked as a Post Coordinator on Fairly OddParents, Tuff Puppy, Spongebob, Avatar, and Making Fiends.
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