Herbert Sydney Johnson
Bürgermeisterkandidat zur Wahl 2019 Ben de Bruycker
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THE 700 YEARS OF BLOCKING THE FREE ENERGY AND YES FORGET NEWTON he was even nothing more than a business man on it's own profit...

WOW THIS IS A SD_ECBS DATA-CONTAINER ON FACEBOOK FOR FREE. All information you will find by a click on the pic for more informartion service in the comment-feed of this newsfeed on facebook concerning this subject. SUPPORT US OUR WORK AND THE UNITED ARTISTS FOR EARTHO...PTIMIZATION.Post this all on the pic for more information in the comment-feed


SUPPORTERS-DESK.COM for FREE ENERGY discovered in 1269

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We all are leaded by the gods??....After the Sumerians, Celts, Germanics, Egypts, Greeks, Maya and Inka....and many more Indians.....

Magnetism is our gods creation? It protects us from the sunlight-radiation, it is the future for all energy-sources it let us hear with speaker systems and WE LIVE ON A MAGNET CALLED MOTHER EARTH******************************************** on the pic for more information service in the comment-feed of this newsfeed on facebook concerning this subject. Aquí, en el cuadro de comentarios en Facebook, tenemos una gran cantidad de información.


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Hi there and this nonprofit environmental support service is new installed. Please share our data and tell everyone. Hope you LIKE IT! Open the photo (pic)-bank and enjoy the links and videos we've found In the past 4 years of research.

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Hi there and thanks for friends. I'm Ben and the SD_ECBS CEO and online since 4 years of research. MY age is 47 was 25 years at the TV-postpro. All the data I've found I put in the comment-feeds on facebook so everybody can use it and post it if they want. They are open source and for non-facebook-user available. I’m a member of the United Artists for Earthoptimization we invented and we work on it!
The nuclear disaster in Japan is just the top of the shithill. Technology out of the cold war never developed to an end and with stuff leaving behind be poison for the next years.
It is a billion dollars to built one nuclear power plant and the same to rebuilt so where should the money for this come from?
It’s all about money making so not in the Interest of worlds society under this conditions.
Putting the whole world full of this shit of windmill is even as stupid as mankind can be. The animals are even not amused about. Take the fantastic magnetic permanent technology for the powersupplies of the future. Make the governments do it now and for free. We don’t need to pay for all this so much! JUST INVENTED MOST IMPORTANT SINCE THE WHEEL THE ENGINE MAKING ENERGY out of THE DISCOVERY OF SPINNIG POWER AND MAGNETISM so WHAT CERN & SUNFUSIONTEC???

Magnetism was known in the old china and the navigation with magnetic compass was used. But no working machines.

PEREGRINUS wrote the definition of magnetism down and created a permanent running item
for real but forbidden maybe by the catholic church because of the self running happening and so the devil inside.
simple as shit!....the perpetual motion machine from 1823. After the sunken definition of 1269 and the closure of maybe the catholic church now again available something works by itself. Is it from the devil? NO IT COMES FROM THE HEAVENS!!!......................

Pierre de Maricourt (Petrus Peregrinus) an engineer in a French army besieging Lucera in southern Italy, was in charge of fortifying the camp, laying mines and constructing machines to hurl stones and fireballs into the besieged city. In his spare time he attempted to solve the problem of perpetual motion. He devised a diagram to show how a wheel might be driven round forever by the power of magnetic attraction. Excited by his discovery, he wrote a treatise in the form of a letter on the properties of the lodestone which he had discovered during his experiments. This letter, which circulated in manuscript, was given the title Epistola de Magnete. In it Peregrinus was the first to assign a position to the poles of a lodestone. He proved that unlike poles attract, while like poles repel. He also established by experiments "that every fragment of a lodestone, however small, is a complete magnet, and determined the position of an object by its magnetic bearing . . . ." Peregrinus also described how a compass is constructed.
The Epistola is considered the earliest known European work of experimental science, and the foundation of the study of electricity and magnetism. It was first issued as a printed book in 1558.
"Prior to the introduction of the compass, wayfinding at sea was primarily done via celestial navigation, supplemented in some places by the use of soundings. Difficulties arose where the sea was too deep for soundings and conditions were continually overcast or foggy. Thus the compass was not of the same utility everywhere. For example, the Arabs could generally rely on clear skies in navigating the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean (as well as the predictable nature of the monsoons). This may explain in part their relatively late adoption of the compass. Mariners in the relatively shallow Baltic made extensive use of soundings.
"In the Mediterranean, however, the practice from ancient times had been to curtail sea travel between October and April, due in part to the lack of dependable clear skies during the Mediterranean winter (and much of the sea is too deep for soundings). With improvements in dead reckoning methods, and the development of better charts, this changed during the second half of the 13th century. By around 1290 the sailing season could start in late January or February, and end in December. The additional few months were of considerable economic importance; it enabled Venetian convoys, for instance, to make two round trips a year to the eastern Mediterranean, instead of one."

A perpetuomobile auto running automat was built that time but probably it was too suspicious and forbidden by the establishment and church, sure all running itself is
suspicious or makes ones enthusiastic. So to us.



The main work of Nicola was on the free energy supply for all... you will understand this by watching this little
demonstration-video. Energy is everywhere because the particles naturally are in the air even produce some. Real hard it gives a thunderstorm....FREE ENERGY ......Some laugh about that.........

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer who changed the world with the invention of the AC (alternating current) induction motor, making the universal transmission and distribution of electricity possible. So why is he virtually unknown to the general public? This rare film stars Orson Welles and features a dramatic recreation of a meeting between Nikola Tesla, Industrialist J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, that would decide the fate and future of today's Electric Power Industry in America and the world. But what happened to Tesla?

Secret of Nikola Tesla (full length)
Tesla The Secret Movie (Free Energy)

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