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■ ■ ■ Jordan 7 Bordeaux

$ 99.99

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Limited time only!

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— with Mondre KiddKidd Arnold, Ashleigh SassySelf Grubbs, Shaina Lovingmylife and 14 othersMondre KiddKidd Arnold, Ashleigh SassySelf Grubbs, Shaina Lovingmylife, Jaena Nosleepgang Worrell, Nikkie Stone, Jessica LovinJayden Johnson, Brittany R. Busby, Tara Roxy Rox, Antoine Bernard Watkins Sr., Treniece Williams, Terence GotGwop P, Dominique Campbell, Carrie Payne, Voni Tropicana, OhSo Loveable, Afia Meadows and Michael WealthConnect Hull.