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Do people love animals? You bet they do. 96% of Americans--almost every single person surveyed--believe we have a moral duty to protect animals and should have strong laws to do so; while over half have changed their lifestyle to protect animals and the environment. We spend $50 billion on the care of our animals and we've made giving to animal related causes the fastest growing segment in America...n philanthropy.

Even businesses are going to the dogs. I am not just talking about boarding kennels, dog walkers, pet groomers, and the like. Nor am I also just talking about businesses like entire hotel chains embracing “pet friendly” policies. I am talking about businesses that aren’t necessarily animal related, but that are funding animal related causes as part of their core business strategy.

Got a chocolate craving? Buy your (cruelty-free) chocolates and have the proceeds donated to animal related causes through Rescue Chocolate (www.facebook.com/rescuechocolate). Need a caffeine fix? Buy your coffee and fund No Kill shelters through Hyperhound Coffee (www.facebook.com/hyperhoundcoffee).

We're even trying to get people to stop smoking by thinking about how it impacts their animal companions. The other day we saw a stop smoking ad on a bus stop that asked if you would let your puppy smoke, because that is what you are doing when you smoke around your pets.

We’re crazy about animals and we go the extra mile to give them what they need. It is time shelters reflected, rather than hindered, our values.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/oViUvm
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