Bob Sahno
Ras Nong
Maarty Bronson
Lisa Lee-Browning
Christo Jacobs
Zen Halethea
Behrooz Rezaei
Juliet Sagacious
Robin Latzman
Kaz Witchie
Lizette Bhavani Anes
Theresa Mabry
Lisa Doty
Terry Lee Lawrence
Kate Rodger
Boros Julianna
Tia Alexandria
Liz Siordia
Denise Davis Johnson
Jason Bilbo
Songe Westmoreland
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Obligations of the True Path Walkers

To bring back the natural harmony that humans once enjoyed.
To save the planet from present practices of destruction.
To find and re-employ real truth....
To promote true balance between both genders.
To share and be less materialistic.
To become rid of prejudice.
To learn to be related.

To be kind to animals and take no more than we need.
To play with one's children and love each equally and fairly.
To be brave and courageous, enough so,
to take a stand and make a commitment.
To understand what Generations Unborn really means.
To accept the Great Mystery
in order to end foolish argument over religion.

Artist: Kirby Sattler - Chief Black Crow
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— with Christo Jacobs, Maarty Bronson, Behrooz Rezaei and 18 othersChristo Jacobs, Maarty Bronson, Behrooz Rezaei, Kaz Witchie, Lisa Lee-Browning, Ras Nong, Bob Sahno, Denise Davis Johnson, Liz Siordia, Theresa Mabry, Songe Westmoreland, Jason Bilbo, Boros Julianna, Kate Rodger, Terry Lee Lawrence, Zen Halethea, Juliet Sagacious, Tia Alexandria, Robin Latzman, Lisa Doty and Lizette Bhavani Anes.