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Justo Thomas was a meat butcher before joining Le Bernardin as fish butcher in 2003 (he found working with meat too bloody!). On average, Justo prepares 800-1000lbs of fish per day. And when on vacation, it takes 3 chefs 8 hours to do what Justo does by himself in ½ a day! Justo’s best advice when fileting fish?
"Be careful not to cut through bone. It’s a common thought that you need an extremel...y sharp knife to filet fish but I use a slightly dull one so as not to cut through bone.
Fish should never smell like fish…so if yours does I suggest throwing it out or returning it to the store. I butcher hundreds of pounds of fish and if you stop by the area where I work you don’t smell a thing. Freshness is key and you should seek that out when you are cooking at home"
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