Chyloe Kasper K. Gallant
Chris Noxx
Brian Pelrine
Matthew Mackay
Quake Matthews
Myke Bulley
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These now exist. Hard Copies. You all heard it for free and know it's the dopest thing to come out of this province, it's time to get out the paper and support this guy.

From a designers perspective, you can't do good work without good clients. They have to have faith in what you do and trust you're judgement. Quake and Myke really let me follow threw with my full vision on this project and it honestly came out being one of the best things in my catalogue.

Get out there and support local. They put money into this project to get it off the ground properly and did this legit. The outcome is a masterpiece.

Thanks to the team for letting me be a part of this.
— with Myke Bulley, Chyloe Kasper K. Gallant, Chris Noxx, Matthew Mackay, Quake Matthews and Brian Pelrine.