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Good evening beautiful people! Layla had a pretty good day today. They are allowing her to get 2 hours off the bipap machine 2 times a day to see what her left lung does. We were told that had we went home like normal after transplant that just about now would be the time to have the first heart catheterization to check for rejection of the heart. So Layla will have have a catheterization on Monda...y where they will check her veins and arteries to make sure she is flowing well with no clotting, take biopsy of the heart, and do a bronchoscopy at the same time which will tell us if she needs another surgery to pin down her left diaphragm before we can take our baby girl home. Today we are 18 days post transplant. Progress is slow and sometimes 1 step forward gives way for 2 steps back but I'll tell you.....there isn't one doctor saying they are worried. They all think she's doing great! They expected her to be so much sicker after transplant. Luckily we believe in miracles and so do the 4,000 + of you. Thankful to our donor family and our Facebook family. See More