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VocaFusion Cosplay Photography Contest [Download for High res]
Rules and Mechanics:
- Contest is open to any local photographer.
- Photo entry must be of a cosplay of one of Vocaloid's existing PVs or artwork....
- There can only be one photo entry per participant.
- Photo entries taken either by digital or film is accepted.
- Photo entries may be colored or black and white.
For entries with the photo of the same cosplayer of the same version of character, only one entry may be included in the top 10.
- Photo entries that have been digitally altered to add backdrops or digitally altering the cosplayer is not allowed but lighting and color adjustments are otherwise, allowed. A photo entry with nudity or obscenity will be automatically rejected.
- Photo entries that have been shot during an event or from an outdoor or studio shoot are allowed.
- Photo entries that have already been submitted as entry of any cosplay photography contest will not be accepted.
- Submissions of entries will be from FEB. 5, 2012 until APRIL 15, 2012 through email to vocafusionphotos@gmail.com with the:
+ Title of the PV/Artwork cosplayed
+ Name of character
+ Cosplayer's name
+ Photographer's name
- Voca Fusion organizers are given the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with the rules above.
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