September 26, 2012

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SANREMO, IT. (Sept. 19) - Professor Dennis Mandsager of the International Law Department (ILD) served as a course director and faculty member for the annual International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) Rules of Engagement Workshop, Sept. 10-14. The workshop addressed such topics as the relationship between ROE and Law of the Sea; law of self-defense; law of armed conflict; and maritime law... enforcement. Investigations, claims, public affairs and case studies involving operations in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Haiti were also discussed. Workshop participants included military officers from Canada, France, Jamaica, Norway, England, and U.S. Operators and legal advisors and civilian government legal advisors from 20 nations also participated in the event. According to ILD, NWC has a longstanding partnership with IIHL and provides course directors and faculty members for workshops. These events are a key part of NWC’s ILD international engagement program to work with military legal advisors and operators from around the world. (Contributed photo. Mandsanger is seen in the front row, third from left). See More
— at Sanremo.