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Home At Last! Scrappy, the Shepherd Mix from Montgomery, has been reunited with his owner. Message from owner: "Scrappy 'showed up' at a house approx. 1/2 mile from the accident scene. The Good Samaritans had been caring for him. The Good Sam was a nurse and happened to mention to another nurse she worked for that this dog had just shown up, the other nurse told her about the lostdogsil posting... she had seen, showed her the picture and she said "That's him". I called my brother-in-law who was in his car and on his way to get Scrappy before he was even off the phone. I received a call shortly there after from his 13 y.o. telling me "We found Scrappy". :O) Thank you so much!! If not for your site, I think we'd still be looking and might never have found him, certainly not so quickly. Thank you again!!!" Missing 5/8/12 Reunited 5/11/12 Welcome home Scrappy! See More