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Tracy Knauss

For you Rethuglican trolls, no we are NOT jealous of Mitt's fabulous financial success. Only "you people" to quote Ann Romney, equate money with success and happiness. Mitt is a miserable failure as a human being. He neither accepts nor embraces diversity. His campaign's slogan of "believing in America" is as far from the truth as one can be. He outsourced American jobs. He kept his money overseas.... He hides critical information from public view where the people have a right to know what he's really like. As governor of Massachusetts, he destroyed the computer disc drives and had the Olympic records destroyed from the 2002 games he "saved." He may have "saved" the games, but he didn't save the records. This is his modus operandi. Mitt buys his applause. He doesn't deserve it. And now, the most powerful U.S. senator, Harry Reid, has accused Mitt of paying no taxes for ten years. Mitt told ABC News he'd "check" to see if he ever paid under 13.9%. His campaign quickly refused to do so, speaking for Mitt. He's hiding something sinister in his records. America needs a leader who is one of us. Someone who's missed a mortgage payment because times are tough. Someone who's been in the trenches, NOT a person who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Mitt is NOT like us. He flourishes in the rarefied air breathed by billionaires who are far removed from the America we must save and resurrect. Show us your papers, Mitt, so even your staunch Tea Party people will see the real person you actually are. Show us your papers so we can read all about the person you really are. See More
— with Jim Robinson, Judy Huff-Lee, Carl Ninety-nine Percent Saalfeld, Charlotte Fleming, Courtenay Craig, Tim Robinson, Jim Mccoy, Boni Smith Good, Denise A Romano, Cynthia Sanders, Brent Taggart, Judy Vendsel and Shelly Adkins.