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this is yet to be finished, but it isn't rushed and in my opinion, it's better. Give me your opinions.
— with John T Coyle, Tim Fraley, Neal Hornback and 33 othersJohn T Coyle, Tim Fraley, Neal Hornback, Kevin Ijames, Melissa Eaton, Kasey Blair Sharfe, Shawn D. Saunders, Anthony Pope, Bryan Popp, Rusty Wright, Stephen Elder, Leland Taylor, Valerie J. Smith, Adam Lucas, Jeremy Sharfe, Cindy Rice Shelton, Dina Wardrip, Garrison Ijames, Cindy Marie Emert Brown, Deborah Manion Sullivan, Joy Garris Melton, Peyton Siva Jr, Rhu Foster, Jacob Kiper, Scott Popp, Ronnie Meece, Tonya Cecil Pippin, Chris Averitt, Stephen Graham, Josh Lustenberger, Michael Rutherford, Peyton Sr Siva, Neil Pablo, Daryl Foust, Mark Metcalf and Kim Smith.Kenny Akridge