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NYR | YemenFox | An American specialist technical team has arrived in Sana'a in a special mission to assist the Military Affairs Committee "MAC" in restructuring the army and security forces, in accordance with provisions of the GCC initiative, on which power transfer is based.

The MAC on Monday stressed the need for speeding up the Yemeni army and security restructuring.

This came at a meetin...g that brought together the MAC with the American Ambassador to Sana'a and the American visiting team. The meeting discussed the army and security restructuring as stipulated in the GCC power transfer.

MAC members said that the restructuring and reform of the army and security forces "is now an important strategic goal for the success of the GCC initiative along with its operational mechanism and the SC Resolution (2014) and for tackling security challenges", according to a release published on the Defense Ministry's website.

During the meeting, the MAC highlighted field progress it achieved to establish security and stability and to normalize life.

The American Ambassador to Sana'a, Gerald Feierstein, praised the achievements and field successes of the MAC, saying that the steps taken by the committee contributed to establishing peace, stability and promoting partnership between the US and the other ten countries sponsoring the GCC initiative.

Previously published information pointed out that the task of supervising the army restructuring is entrusted to America, while European and Gulf countries are responsible for other tasks within their sponsorship to the GCC initiative.
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