Photos of Bell Bike Helmets

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Post on my 14 year old son's FB page today:

Okay, I have spent the last nine hours in the emergency room. Why? Because this morning I was biking back from the Rose Bowl, and decided to stop for Starbucks with my personal trainer Gary. We decided that we needed to get home, so I attempted to maneuver a bike with one hand. For the first part of the ride I was fine, but as I was trying to slow dow...n for a stop sign I tried to apply the break, but I lost control of my bike because I was riding with slick racing tires that have ZERO traction. I landed directly on my head after flying over the handle bars. I think I lost consciousness for a brief period, but I woke up and was basically dazed. I walked home in absolute pain and as soon as I got home, my dad drove me to the E.R. where I had to wait 2 hours just for the doctor to see me. When he finally saw me he said I need to get a CAT Scan and a bunch of X-Rays to make sure I did not have a concussion, collapsed lung, penetrated kidney, ruptured spine, damaged skull, or fractured neck. After waiting another 4 hours, I finally found out that I did not have a concussion or any of the above. The whole time I was waiting for my discharge I could think about nothing, except how IMPORTANT it is to wear a helmet whenever your riding a bike/scooter/skateboard/etc. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I would probably still be in the hospital with far worse conditions. I used to think that wearing a helmet didn't matter, and that you would have to actually try to fall of your bike/etc. But the reality is, that you just don't know when these events are going to happen. That's why they're called flash accidents. I can say that I will never complain about wearing a helmet again and that I strongly encourage you to wear one too. Thank you BELL!! Just ordered my new helmet to keep on riding. See More