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A film documenting the SFS research experience of six Milwaukee-area high school students will premiere at the French-American Science Festival on Monday at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

The short film, "Is Dilution the Solution to Sustainability?", documents the spring 2012 research of six Tenor High School students who studied water sustainability on the... Great Lakes with a focus on river loading and discharge. The group worked under the direction of SFS scientists Dr. Carmen Aguilar and Dr. Russell Cuhel and EdD Caroline Joyce.

Put together by John Karl from Wisconsin Sea Grant, the film will be shown in the series "Water and Waste" with two other films from Brittany, France, and Bangalore, India.

Now in its second year, the event is organized by the French Office for Science and Technology with the aim of engaging youth in the sciences and nurturing undergraduate research programs in France and the United States. The event includes conferences and workshops related to this year's theme, "Sustainable Development."
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