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Patricia Williams and Darren Johnson, an African/Black couple in S.E. Portland, were greeted with multiple sheriffs deputy cars at their home this morning in an attempt to forceably evict them. The rapid response network was activated and about 50 concerned community members and activists showed up. A roving picket line in front of the house was initiated and at one point a number of us attempte...d to regain control of the house by forcing our way in as a collective force. We did gain entry into the house, but the sheriffs - who by this time were reinforced with Portland police personnel - responded by pepper spraying us. Several of us were hit, but everyone will be ok.

One person who gained entry into the house was arrested. After that attempt we determined that there were as many police there as community people so we decided to retreat, regroup, and decide how to next support Patrica and Darren in getting their house back. Stay tuned.

"Today was one battle and in protracted war against the enemies of humanity!"
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