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Let’s talk everyone’s favourite subject. No, not my hemorrhoids……………seat saving. It has been a subject discussed over and over again and it has been so because it continues to be a concern. But now is not the time to dwell in the past but in the future and that future is today. The Carnival Breeze is the test ship for a new commitment to stopping this and we started today.
As you can see, this scr...een shot was sent to every cabin TV. The same announcement was made by me three times a day and live on the morning show. It was also placed on the Seaside Theatre Big Screen. So the message is loud and clear.
We went with 4o minutes as we felt that this was a fair amount of time if guests get up to eat, drink, pee, swim or slide.
The big difference here is that we are now staffed and able to police this. Our crew will walk the decks and if they see a chair unused but saved with towels, books, shoes, baby Yaks or underpants they will place a sticker on the chair with the current time. Then, they will check 40 minutes later and if the chair is still reserved and unoccupied then they will remove the articles and take them to the towel station by the main pool making sure a note is left for the guests that they have done so.
This is step number one in a new drive to make this work and once we finish the test here this cruise and next, we will make adjustments and then add to the rest of the fleet. It has been noted by the beards who read this page how important this was to you and I have pushed hard to the most senior beards to get this done and my thanks to them for listening and acting.
The comments here are fantastic and guests truly appreciate the effort and it has really, absolutely made a difference. We still have work to do but we are on the right path and I would like to thanks Marcin our Housekeeping manager and Pierre the Hotel Director and all the wonderful deck staff who are making this work.
Comments please.
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